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CFO Experience for CPAs

CFO Services and Education for Your Los Angeles CPA

cfo services in los angelesAs a CPA, your goal is to provide reliable and exceptional service for your clients, whether you're preparing their tax forms or offering financial insight. The more knowledgeable you are, the more valuable your services become, and the more you can potentially build your firm. At Core Family Office, we help you expand your offerings to include comprehensive CFO services, bolstering your firm's potential in the competitive accounting market.

We know the value that CFO services bring to your clients and want to empower you to deliver them in a way that makes sense for your firm. Our family office provides in-depth training on CFO skills to expand your abilities, backed by decades of combined relevant accounting experience. Don't have the time or resources to devote to offering CFO services yourself? Our team can step in with fractional CFO services provided under your firm's name, so your clients benefit from skilled service while building loyalty to you.

If you're interested in adding outsourced CFO capabilities to your CPA business, we're ready to help. Contact us today and learn more about our hands-on education and services from experienced accountants.

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Our Comprehensive CFO Education

cfo education in los angelesAs a family office, we're comfortable offering a broad range of financial services to our clients. Our training can help you do the same for yours by helping you round out your skills in multiple areas. Rather than offering a formal course with the typical textbook-and-test format, we've designed our education to be practical and precise. We'll show you how to apply these skills in a real-world setting, so you can hit the ground running and put them to use for your clients from day one.

With the well-rounded skill set that our training can provide, you'll be prepared to help your clients elevate their business through informed decisions. As you help their venture expand, you'll see new opportunities of your own. Our broad training includes everything you need to become more effective, insightful, and capable for your clients. From bookkeeping and tax strategy to payroll and financial advisory, we ensure you feel confident in your ability to meet your clients' needs.

What Our Fractional CFO Services in Los Angeles Offer

Outsourcing accounting services to third-party experts is a common practice that enables CPAs like you to supplement client needs. Our team will work with you to understand your customers and deliver exceptional services while building brand loyalty to your firm. Working as your fractional CFOs, we can provide service and insight in the following ways:

  • Bookkeeping: Our team does more than standard data entry and compiling reports. We'll help your clients optimize their system to their niche and provide insight into their data that gives new life to their numbers.
  • Financial Advisory: Understanding business numbers is only half of the equation of building a successful business. With our financial advisory services, your clients will be empowered with new strategies to seize opportunities previously unnoticed or thought out of reach.
  • Wealth Advisory: Handling personal finances can be just as nuanced and prone to complications as business finance. As a family office, we have experience with both sides and can help your clients manage their wealth with the same acuity and accuracy we provide for their business.
  • Tax Strategy: We help businesses identify deductions, credits, and exemptions to lower their tax liability and hold onto more of their hard-earned profits. We'll also pinpoint opportunities and strategies they can use to achieve these savings.
  • Payroll: As one of the most complex financial tasks a business undertakes, payroll requires precision, timeliness, and efficiency to avoid potentially disastrous fines. We deliver these and more as we ensure that your clients' payroll is optimized, up to date, and spotless in its records.
  • Alternative Investments: A company's main product isn't the only way for a modern business to grow its capital, but a lack of awareness can keep companies from seizing lucrative side opportunities. We provide insight into alternative investment opportunities that your clients can use to develop their earnings and supplement cash flow for profit and expansion.
  • Insurance: Our family office is equipped with a full in-house brokerage that lets us offer comprehensive insurance coverage to meet the complex needs of every business in your care. We handle several insurance types, including property, casualty, life, annuity, and disability, and we can serve companies in all fifty states.

If real estate is among your industry focus, we offer targeted assistance to make your firm a standout in this niche. Our team is experienced in working with commercial and residential real estate companies and understands the unique needs of both. We'll tailor our services to provide the most effective support for these businesses, making you a more valuable partner to their continued success.

Why Offer CFO Services at All?

cfo services in los angelesWhile bookkeeping and tax preparation may be your bread and butter, modern businesses often need more if they want to stay competitive in their industry. This, in turn, means your firm needs to stay focused on doing the same. If your clients are seeking more in-depth expertise than you can provide, you run the risk of letting them find the help they need from another CPA that does.

Expanding your offerings with CFO services ensures that your clients come to you first when they face complex business issues or want to take on greater challenges. It also means that new potential clients can see that you possess an elevated skill set, one they can trust to help them with any current or future needs.

When you can deliver CFO services, it means more billable hours for your firm. Whether you're providing these services on your own or supplementing with the help of Core Family Office, it means higher growth potential for you, especially in the long term.

Expanding Your CPA Business Potential with CFO Services in Los Angeles

Whether you're preparing to handle complex client requests or you want to expand your potential client base, Core Family Office has the skills to empower your firm with comprehensive, reliable services to impress and excite your clients. We're prepared to train you in your area of interest and supplement your abilities with our own in whatever way makes sense for your firm and your clients.

Ready to seize new opportunities for your CPA business? Contact Core Family Office in Los Angeles today to get started!

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