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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits in Los Angeles for CPAs

business woman looking at her laptop screenAs a CPA, you're committed to providing your clients with top-tier services that go beyond basic bookkeeping and tax help. When you have the knowledge and skill to address their most unique and complex needs, you become exponentially valuable to your clients. At Core Family Office, we make it convenient and easy to achieve your professional goals as a licensed CPA. Our team offers CPE credits by third party instructors who provide targeted courses on taxation, financial planning, life insurance, annuities, and much more.

Our specialized training is led by practicing experts with the applied experience you need to provide your clients' additional services successfully. We can help you expand your firm's focus with an in-depth education in such areas as financial planning, estate planning, annuities, and life insurance.

Our independent, minority women-led family office is proud to serve aspiring and seasoned certified public accountants throughout Los Angeles. We are fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Our team is happy to meet you virtually or in person. Contact Core Family Office to schedule a consultation today!

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Expanding Your Skills with Our Accredited CPE Training

We can help you increase your competency in various areas, empowering you to offer your clients advanced services. Upon completion of training, you will have 20 credits for 20 hours' worth of education in various financial services, including:

We strive to provide you with a wide variety of specialty resources you can use to expand your CPA business potential. Together we can help you create a professional niche of innovative offerings for individuals and businesses.

Why Choose Core Family Office for Your CPE Credits?

stack of wooden blocks spelling CPAAs a practicing CPA, your time is valuable, and you want to ensure that you're getting the highest possible benefit out of your dedicated training time. When you partner with us, you receive detailed instruction from a team with current real-world experience. You can trust that our education is rooted in practical knowledge and modern practices. We use them every day to help our clients expand their business, protect their wealth, and achieve financial success.

Our courses are designed to be current, convenient, and relevant to your desired areas of growth. Thanks to our experience in a broad range of financial niches, you have the opportunity to fine-tune your preferred area of practice or develop an entirely new skill to expand your firm.

We can stand as your partners for both short-term and long-term education. We regularly welcome returning CPAs looking to hone their skills with a team they trust to deliver a valuable educational experience.

What Makes Our CPE Training Effective?

smiling man looking at digital tabletAt Core Family Office, we believe in tailoring services to get to the fundamentals of our clients' issues. We teach you the skills, strategies, and industry knowledge to help you do the same for your clients. By expanding your skills into niche areas, you become a more valuable asset to your clients and gain their continued trust as you capably guide them through critical financial questions and decisions.

When you participate in our CPE courses, you can expect a comprehensive experience that helps you to grow into a well-rounded CPA. Not only do we provide a solid foundation of time-tested concepts and principles, but we look beyond the textbook and theoretical into practical application. With our guidance, you'll gain various soft skills best learned about in an active environment with trained financial experts who employ these skills daily.

You'll also be able to explore new avenues of interest with services that offer exciting and challenging opportunities. After completing our training, you'll be equipped to take on new duties such as retirement planning and deferred compensation plans.

Your Resource for CPE Credits in Los Angeles

At Core Family Office, our goal is to provide professional CPAs like you with the most cost-effective way to grow your skills while fulfilling your mandatory educational requirements. Whether you're looking for a training program that can help you adapt and refine your existing skills, or you're ready to branch into a brand-new avenue of a CPA practice, our team has the knowledge and resources you need.

Contact our family office to learn more about what we offer for CPE training and credits, and take the next step toward growing your firm today!

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