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Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investment Services in Los Angeles

real estate investment services in Los AngelesReal estate is considered one of the most desirable and potentially lucrative opportunities for growing your capital. However, even for the experienced, it can be complex, and the cost of overstretching funds or making a poor investment can be potentially ruinous. At Core Family Office, we provide experienced insight and guidance for those seeking to grow their holdings through real estate investments.

Whether you're interested in commercial or residential property, our team will ensure that you have everything in place to make the most of your real estate holdings. From securing capital to insuring property, we know how to guide you through the financial aspects so that you can bolster your holdings and protect your legacy. For more information about our Los Angeles real estate investment services, contact our office and schedule your consultation today.

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Why Choose a Family Office for Real Estate Investing?

Los Angeles real estate investor expert meeting with a clientIf you've never worked with a family office, you may be surprised by the comprehensive approach that we take to your real estate investments. Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and interests and recommend strategies that align with those objectives. Not only will we help you select, acquire, and manage your investment property, but we ensure that you have the appropriate level of insurance and security to protect it. We look at your long-term options and help you secure your investment for your future as well as your estate's.

When you work with Core Family Office, we provide the following services:

Selecting and Purchasing Investment Properties

Real estate is a vast market with great potential, but only if you know how to capitalize on your purchases. The rules function very differently between residential and commercial real estate, and experience in one field doesn't necessarily translate into the other. We have experience in both types of real estate investments and can help you determine whether you should lean toward a particular type.

Our team will help you evaluate potential real estate and how well it fits with your investment goals, considering such factors as your investment timeline and whether you plan to own the property as an individual or a business partnership. We've handled a broad range of real estate investment types, including:

  • Multi-family residential properties containing five or more units
  • Retail & shopping centers
  • Industrial centers
  • Gas stations
  • Hospitality properties such as hotels

With our varied experience, we can help you identify when a potential Los Angeles real estainvestment is an opportunity or doesn't fit your strategy.

Whether you are looking to acquire your first property or expand your real estate portfolio, having a source of capital is vital to gaining a worthwhile investment. Our team will help you source funding for your next purchase by identifying loan or financing opportunities so that you can build a stronger foundation to grow your wealth. We can also assist you if you're looking to refinance one or more of your properties for capital to grow your investments even further.

Any property, commercial or residential, is only as valuable as the kind of protection it has. If your real estate investment is improperly insured, you could find yourself suddenly facing a complete loss if something happens that devalues your property with no means for compensation. We'll use our familiarity with insurance policies to see that your real estate investments are adequately covered with the right kinds of insurance. You won't have to worry about potential risks reducing the worth of your investment, empowering you to make long-term plans with confidence.

Forming a business entity is not required for owning property, but in CA especially, it can offer you several benefits. This is particularly true if you own several rental properties or have a large property with multiple tenants. Incorporating your properties into a business will allow you to streamline paperwork and reduce potential errors such as commingling funds between separate properties, which could have tax consequences.

Our team can talk you through your options for establishing an entity, help you decide on the most beneficial structure for your needs, and take you through the filing process to set up everything correctly and completely.

Ensuring the smooth transfer of property to your beneficiaries is a prime focus of estate planning. Without a well-thought-out approach, your heirs could find themselves facing heavy tax burdens. You may even risk the estate being locked in probate for great lengths of time. This puts an unnecessary burden on your loved ones during what is already a stressful time. We can work with you to understand your wishes, discuss tax implications, and help you find and implement the strategies that will deliver the best results. Our team is passionate about respecting your goals for your estate and will take great care to see that it is protected for the future.

Helping You Find Success With Los Angeles Real Estate Investments

At Core Family Office, we are dedicated to helping you grow your net worth through intelligent investments and personalized strategies. With our support, you can make confident decisions and understand the implications of every investment, helping you maximize your capital gains. If you're ready to take the next step in real estate investing in Los Angeles, contact our office and schedule your consultation today.

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